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What our Clients say about Lighthouse

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"I have been a client of Lighthouse of Hope for the past 16 weeks. my therapist transformed my thinking and my life".

"I learned the importance of not doubting myself. I learned the sources of that self doubt. I learned to focus on future actions rather than the past.

Thank you Lighthouse

~Harry L.


I am beyond grateful to have found Lighthouse of Hope to help me through my darkest years. I have been in a bad and and controlling relationship for almost 30 years, I questioned every thought I had, I doubted my own abilities and believed anytime I thought about my needs, I was being selfish and irresponsible.

The kind and thoughtful therapy sessions gave me tools and strategies to find my voice and my way. My therapist was available after hours and increased my sessions to fit my needs.

I am forever grateful that I can stand and say I’m healthier, I am healing and I am happier.

I am glad I found this place!
~Marie C.



We provide a safe place to tell your story, heal, and discover your full potential.