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Check out Marie's Story!

My name is Marie, Lighthouse of Hope was one of the best things that happened to me! I can now say I am a survivor of abuse. My husband was physically and mentally abusive to me for many years. Getting help was never an option because I could not afford it and I was very very afraid. I was trapped and had no idea what to do. I now know I was very depressed, I really wanted to just die. I had gotten to the point where the only thing keeping me going was my two beautiful children.

A friend told me about Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center in Sunnyvale. She told me they would help me even if I could not afford it. I was a little nervous, so it took me a couple of days to get the nerve to call them. I was so scared! I am so glad I called. I began seeing a very caring therapist when my husband was at work, she slowly helped me get the courage to make good decisions about my life.

I was given a very affordable payment option that fit my budget. I now know I am a valuable person and am no longer in that abusive situation. Now over a year later, I am a much better mom to my kids and I am making positive decisions about my life.

Thank you so much Lighthouse of Hope!


Many of our clients work hard every day and still cannot afford health Insurance. They make to much money to qualify for state funded insurance but not enough to pay for the private insurance they so desperately need!. Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center is a non profit counseling center that provides counseling to all who seek, even if they can't afford it.

Our Sliding Scale program offers affordable counseling for those who need it. No one is turned away!

We need your help to continue this program!

Donate today. $50 will provide at least two sessions for one person.

The mission of the Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center is to assist people using their natural abilities to achieve their goals and to facilitate emotional and spiritual development.